I’m no Pai Hsien-Yung, but I do know my tricks-

As a student, I loved losing myself in W.G. Sebald's novels, and John Berger's Ways of Seeing taught me the importance of seeing - and considering - what is in front of your eyes. What is real? What is fleeting? Are the two really all that contradictory? Can’t the fictitious also have a face value?

In response, I started keeping notebooks filled with observations about the places I visit, with a growing collection of pictures and scraps to complement them.

These notes constitute a post-facto dialogue between their writer and his environment, an extended meditation written in taxicabs, airport express links and on airplane table trays, in various states of bafflement: a psychogeographical journey from airport corridor to tenement bedroom and back.

My writing has been published in i.a. the Journal of International Psychogeography.